ADHD Therapy for Individuals & Marriage

Hi, I have ADHD and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist in Texas. I have a passion to help individuals, couples and families understand and manage adhd and learning differences. Come see me and we can nail down a plan to help you take control of what may feel is uncontrollable.

Adults with ADHD

Marriages that one partner or both partners have ADHD come with all the normal challenges of marriage, plus specific struggles. Once these are named and worked on together as partners, stress is decreased and connection grows.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurological difference that is inherited. It manifests in different types of ADHD: innattentive, hyperactive, or combination type. Childhood and adult ADHD looks different but it does persist throughout the lifespan. Adults can be diagnosed with ADHD, as symptoms may not have been severe enough to cause impairment until adulthood.

How do I know if my child or if I have ADHD?

An evaluation with a trained professional can determine this. I support what Dr. Dodson, a well reknowned ADHD psychiatrist says, "A gold ribbon evaluation is a combination of history of adhd and assessments specifically designed for ADHD"

There are computer tests such as the IVA that helps identify the severity of ADHD, but it can also have false positives. False positives meant that you could be more severe than the report shows.

Nuero-psychological assessments are a good option if your child is in grade school, and you can use information as a tool to communicate with school administration. Schools can assess for executive functioning difficulties through the educational diagnostician. This can be a great tool in help your child if they have executive function difficulties that interfere with finishing projects, turning in homework, and negative impact on grades.

What are the treatments that work for ADHD?

This may be the hardest to question to answer, because it depends on the individual's symptoms, interpersonal biology, and severity. I recommend education as the first step. Understand what is ADHD and what symptoms are present and problematic. What are the symptoms you want to address? I recommend a combination of exercise, nutrition, medication, and behavioral therapy.

What is behavioral therapy?

Behavioral therapy is a process of mapping out desired behaviors to achieve, and the actual process of making that happen. ADHD is known for under performance. Many times people will say, "I know he is smart, but he doesn't finish the job". Whether the targeted behavior is completing the task, or arriving on time to work, each thing can be broken down and achieved. ADHD isn't a character flaw, it is a neurological difference, and getting things done takes a different strategy for those with ADHD.

Are there underlying biological elements to ADHD?

Yes! Did you know that over 75% of people diagnosed with ADHD also have a sleep disorder! The research on ADHD and biological markers is still emerging. But yet, there are some commonalities emerging and I think looking at our how our body works specifically around nutrition and sleep is essential.

How does nutrition impact ADHD?

As biological elements are discovered in this group, dietary sensitivities are also showing up. This includes sensitivities to food coloring, gluten allergies, and the MTHR gene, which prevents conversion of food to B vitamins. Protein and a clean diet can be a useful tool in optimizing focus and attention.

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